The new preview build of SmartSynchronize 4.5 is available for download.

New Features and Improvements

  • Preferences
    • Colors and Font configuration:
      • completely reworked, including snippets for all supported languages
      • added low-level property preferences.font.showFixedWidthOption to show checkbox Show only fixed-width fonts
      • ability to reset individual colors to their defaults
      • show whitespaces in selection

Fixed Bugs

  • File Manager:
    • Delete: a junction is deleted recursively like a directory
  • Directory Compare, Preview:
    • Images viewer: zooming is incorrectly handled by mouse position
    • Go to next change goes to next file
    • did not set configured readonly background color
  • Syntax
    • Groovy: initial “ of string incorrectly highlighted
    • PHP: incorrect highlighted ?> after <?php
    • Markdown: stop styling at begin of new list item, header, …
  • GUI: some checkboxes/radiobuttons were incorrectly layed out (only noticable on some systems)
  • MacOS:
    • Preferences, left tree control: selection shows white text on light-blue background

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • support for MacOS 14.x
  • Syntax
    • ANTLR: support for code blocks
    • C(++): show valid and invalid escape sequences
    • Cmd: support “string”
    • Java: support for Java 21 String templates and more invalid char literal (escape) sequences
    • Markdown: support for front matter (blog)