The first public build of SmartSynchronize 4.5 is available for download.

New Features and Improvements

  • Syntax coloring:
    • added Forth
    • added Verilog
    • added X86 Assembler
  • File Compare/Merge:
    • ability to apply lines at start/end of changed block with different line count
  • File Manager:
    • Windows: new default external tool Open Powershell

Fixed Bugs

  • Directory Compare:
    • File table: speed-search input field is shown at wrong position if table is scrolled horizontally
    • Preview: the vertical scroll bar was not reset after unselecting a file
  • autoupdate: the control-<build-number> files were not cleaned up
  • possible internal error with invalid proxy configuration
  • Syntax coloring:
    • Batch files: incorrect detection of FOR variables
    • Python: lacked support for _ in number literals
  • Linux: the created .desktop file was considered as buggy by the desktop-file-validate command

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • ability to use the system select-word behavior by setting low-level property styledtext.useOwnWordBoundaryDetection to false
  • use flat images
  • updated SSHJ to v0.35.0
  • update SWT:
    • GC.init(Win32): catch early possible error (BugID 6327)
    • Issue #603: [win32] Windows TaskBar shows wrong overlay after closing related Shell
  • Linux:
    • detect date format according to LC_TIME environment variable
    • shows notification if a non-utf-8 configuration has been detected