The first public preview build for SmartSVN 14.4 is available.

New Features or Improvements

  • Preferences:
    • unified Font and Color settings, added colors preview with (editable) language specific snippets
    • set low-level property preferences.font.showFixedWidthOption to show a combobox limiting the shown fonts to those with fixed widths
  • Syntax coloring:
    • ANTLR: support for code blocks, escape sequences
    • Forth support
    • Markdown support
    • Java: support for Java 21 string templates, escape sequences
    • TOML: support for escape sequences
    • Verilog support
    • X86 ASM

Fixed Bugs

  • possible internal error with invalid proxy configurations
  • possible internal error when opening a new window and quickly dragging another one
  • Changes view:
    • deselecting a file kept vertical scrollbar as-is instead of resetting it
    • did not set editable/non-editable background colors
    • scrolling might stop after certain changes
  • Syntax colorings:
    • Cmd: incorrect detection of FOR variables
    • Groovy: incorrect coloring for initial " of string
    • PHP: incorrect coloring for ?> closing <?php
    • Python: incorrect detection of number literals with _ and binary literals
  • Tree and Table controls: speed-search box appeared at wrong location if it was horizontally scrolled
  • Linux: on some systems, e.g. Manjaro with dark default system theme, the focused selection color was hardly to distinguish from the background color

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • text editors:
    • changed whitespace option “Trailing and changed” to “Trailing, in selection and changed blocks”
    • added low-level property styledtext.useOwnWordBoundaryDetection to use system word detection
  • updated SSHJ to v0.35.0
  • Windows: does not create executable temp files
  • Linux:
    • detect date format from LC_TIME environment variable
    • shows notification if system is configured to not use UTF-8 encoding which might cause problems with non-US-ASCII characters in file names
  • MacOS: support for MacOS 14 (Sonoma)