A new preview build for SmartGit 24.1 is available for download.

New Features, Improvements

  • Preferences:
    • Git Executable: added option to easier selecting bundled Git
  • Standard window:
    • Copy URL on current repository tab
    • Windows:
      • Show case-changed files
      • Ability to fix case-changed files

Fixed Bugs

  • Files context menu: Submodule Add should only be applicable on nested roots
  • Files: fixed display of case-changed files in Index
  • GitHub: notification “could be configured” should only show up for GitHub repositories
  • Preferences:
    • Updates: options for in-place/light-weight updates was not remembered
  • Log window:
    • Edit Message: “Select from Log” was only shown for non-HEAD commit
  • Standard window:
    • possible display of non-existing renamed in Working Tree list, related to case-changes files
  • Linux: internal error undoing typed Chinese (and maybe others) characters

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Compare:
    • inner-line diff improvements for small equal areas at beginning/end
    • inner-line diff improvements for lines with many identical characters
  • Files, context menu: group submodule commands, so it is obvious that they are related
  • JIRA: improve authentication dialog for JIRA cloud
  • Refresh: improved refresh performance for large repositories (UI related)
  • Submodules:
    • allow to deinit modified submodules
  • Standard window:
    • double clicking a working tree file defaults to Compare instead of Stage, because it is more defensive
    • Files: improve commands in context menu