A new preview build for SmartGit 24.1 is available for download.

New Features, Improvements

  • Hosting Provider improvements:
    • separate configurations for “cloud” and “enterprise”
    • GitHub:
      • support OAuth-authentication for Git executable with multiple remotes
      • show warnings which GitHub reports about OAuth-inaccessible organizations
  • Standard window:
    • Submodule toolbar button with popup for faster switching to submodule; removed previous Submodule category

Fixed Bugs

  • Clone: URL input field was not preselected if clipboard contained URL
  • Directories view (Standard window, Log window): sorting was not case-insensitive as in other parts
  • Preferences, Hosting Providers: double-click did not invoke Edit
  • Push: internal error when trying to push multiple repositories at once
  • Linux, MacOS: cloning from URL did not work (URL was treated as file)

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Clone, Repository selection:
    • allow filtering by group
    • ability to repository copy URL
  • File editor (git config files): optional auto-save
  • Hosting providers:
    • hid simple providers by default; can be enabled with low-level property
    • hid “Use oauth-token for repository authentication (instead of password)” - use low-level properties *.useTokenForRepositoryAuthentication for not recommended password access
  • Refresh:
    • performance improvements for index-only changes, e.g. after Stage
    • do not display index path for case-changed directories
  • Standard window:
    • Commit view: during rebase show the rebased branch instead of “HEAD”
    • removed inline help controls
    • reduced space between toolbar buttons
  • MacOS:
    • environment variable detection: invoke shell with interactive option (-i)