A new preview build for SmartGit 24.1 is available for download.

New Features, Improvements

  • Clone:
    • easier cloning from hosting providers
    • the hosting provider repositories are shown in a tree structure instead of a table

Fixed Bugs

  • Changes view, Compare, …: several problems resolved for display of non-US-ASCII characters that are not supported by the selected font
  • Hosting providers: for some configurations the Domain input field was missing
  • Refresh (config): possible internal error if config file ends after subsection name [CgConfigState.parse Buffer.nextGetIndex BUE (2)]
  • MacOS: on some systems the row height of tree and table controls was increased

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Split Commit:
    • Continue: if all changes of the original commit were committed, allow to skip the confirmation dialog
  • updated SWT
  • Standard window:
    • Branches: improved anchor branch selection (source vs. target branch) for pull requests