A new preview build for SmartGit 24.1 is available for download.

Fixed Bugs

  • Standard window:
    • Graph view: for multi-selection the commit popup was shown when clicking at ref
  • MacOS:
    • Commit, Line Length Guides: if the message contained tab characters, the max-length-bars were drawn at wrong position
    • environment variable detection failed if pwsh was selected
  • Windows:
    • Commit, Rewrap: wrapped incorrectly
  • WSL: if appending Windows path was disabled, browser window could not be opened

Other Noteworthy Changes

  • Clone:
    • the local path is now split into parent directory and directory name making it easier to place repositories into one or more parent directories
    • even for the first repository a path is suggested
  • i18n: updated Chinese translation
  • Preferences, Hosting Providers, Add: use popup button to select the type of repository
  • Repository Search:
    • if all repositories and groups were deleted before opening the Repository Search, it will group them by path like the repositories found during the Setup wizard
  • Setup wizard: stream-lined
    • main window selector became first page
    • Git executable and SSH client are configured by default and can be changed in the preferences
  • updated SWT
    • fixing drawing of non-US-ASCII characters in the Changes view and Compare
  • Log and Working Tree windows:
    • Files: “Renamed Path” shows new (target) path for rename sources
  • Standard window:
    • improved keyboard navigation, e.g. Window | Branches cycles through Ref selector of My History and All Branches + Tag; Window | Files cycles through Local Files and History Files