We are delighted to announce the official release of SmartGit 23.1. First, we want to thank all users who have tested the preview versions and provided valuable feedback. Without you, the progress would not have been possible!

SmartGit 23.1 comes with

  • many improvements for the Standard window,
  • improved commit without staging (“commit what you see”),
  • clear handling of commit comments,
  • support for GitHub no-reply email addresses (avatar and confirmation),
  • Syntax coloring support for new languages (e.g. Markdown, TOML, Verilog, X86 Assembler),
  • on-premise license server,
  • and improved a lot of other existing features.

Check out What’s New for a more detailed list of improvements in version 23.1.

SmartGit is a graphical front-end for the distributed version control systems Git which also can be used to work with Subversion repositories. SmartGit runs on 64-bit systems of Windows 10-11, macOS 10.14-14 and Linux (GTK 3.22+).

OpenSource developers, students, teachers or members of certain welfare institutions can request a free non-commercial license. For commercial use or if support is needed, you can purchase commercial licenses starting at 59 USD/year net.

Download SmartGit 23.1

Note: if you already have an existing installation of SmartGit and your license covers updates until 2023-11-24 or later, you will be upgraded automatically during the next couple of weeks.