The first beta version of SmartCVS 7.1 beta 1 is available. The most new features and improves are:

  • Transactions: ability to filter by branch and/or author
  • for Windows there exists a portable bundle (e.g. for USB-stick usage)
  • Transactions: ability to show for time or tag range
  • external tools: option to use system open or edit command (requires Java 1.6)
  • external file comparators: ability to use (e.g. graphic) viewers which only can accept one file, but can be invoked two times to open two files
  • OS X: reveal in Finder
  • file filter, speed search: configurable, e.g. with smart upper case (e.g. “FB” will match “FooBar.txt”)
  • Commit dialog: ability to open change report
  • working copies with :ssh: (instead of :ext:) are working now (to be compatible with other CVS clients)
  • built-in File Compare: if binary files are compared, file size and hash code are shown
  • built-in File Compare: option to deactivate synchronized scrolling
  • built-in File Compare: optionally ignore case changes
  • Conflict Solver: ability to pass left and right title to external tool
  • Conflict Solver: shows Save toolbar button
  • tables, time columns: show today/yesterday if applicable

Download SmartCVS 7.1 beta 1