We’re proud to announce that WANdisco International Ltd. has acquired our SVN client SmartSVN to broaden their SVN portfolio.

We at Syntevo have started development of SmartSVN in 2004. Starting with a small group of enthusiastic users, SmartSVN nowadays is the most important multi-platform SVN client. We are sure that WANdisco, as a leading Subversion company, will be able to leverage SmartSVN’s position in the market even higher. You can find SmartSVN now at smartsvn.com.

We want to thank our long-time friends and partners at TMate Software s.r.o. who provided the excellent technical base library SVNKit used by SmartSVN, as well as our active user base who have guided us to the direction into which SmartSVN evolved.

Who is WANdisco?

WANdisco is a leading provider of Apache Subversion based software and services for the enterprise. The company’s products include Subversion MultiSite, Subversion Access Control and Subversion Clustering.

Will this affect my purchased SmartSVN license?

No, WANdisco will continue to support Syntevo’s SmartSVN users and provide the 1 year of free updates for them.

Where should I raise issues in the future?

The best place to raise any general issues is on WANdisco’s dedicated SmartSVN forum.

More Information

More information, e.g. about what WANdisco is planning to do with SmartSVN, you can find at WANdisco’s blog