For SmartGit 22.1, we have changed the non-commercial licensing conditions to be more permissive overall. SmartGit is now free for:

  1. everyone who spends the majority of their work on open-source projects (before, it was only “to actively work on open-source projects”, which is significantly more restrictive)
  2. employees or students on public academic institutions (before, it was only “for learning or teaching on a public academic institution”)
  3. hobby users, with certain limitations on the repositories; requires version 23.1 preview, see also this blog post
Technically enforced licensing conditions

The new licensing conditions are now enforced by requiring a non-commercial license.

We have decided to take this step, because the current proportion of non-commercial users is above 60%. For a B2B-product in the Software industry, this is in stark contrast with the overall number of Software developers compared to the number of primary open source developers and academic users 😉.

SmartSVN and SmartSynchronize

Except of the hobby users we have applied the same licensing changes for SmartSVN 14.3 and SmartSynchronize 4.4. Your non-commercial license will work with these products out-of-the-box.