SmartGit 18.1 by default requires a 64-bit Windows (and ships with a 64-bit Java and Git), but it can be run on 32-bit Windows, too:

    • download and unpack the Portable Bundle
      • if you don’t already have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.8 installed, download it from it from Oracle and install it
      • if you don’t already have a latest Git installed, download it from and either install the setup or unpack the portable bundle
      • then launch \\bin\\smartgit32.exe (smartgit.exe is now 64-bit!)
      • if the wrong JRE is used, you can set the environment variable SMARTGIT_JAVA_HOME to point to the one SmartGit should use
      • select the Git you have installed or unpacked

Note: in the long run, SmartGit will stop supporting 32-bit Windows, because Java and SWT will stop supporting it.

Update from 2019-05-23:

Oracle has changed the license agreement for Java recently and hence Java 1.8 binaries are not available any more without registration. But there are OpenJDK builds available on GitHub or Amazon.