For SmartGit/Hg, our graphical Git and Hg client with SVN support, public preview builds for the upcoming version 4.5 are available. The most important changes are (detailed change log):

Each text editor now shows the content syntax colored depending on the file type.

To stage or unstage simple changes, you don’t need to open the Index Editor any more, but just click the [«], [»] or [X] buttons in the Changes tool window. You even can just stage/unstage inner-line changes.

git stage hunks, syntax coloring

The improved Blame shows more information in a compact style.

git blame

New versions or latest builds automatically can be downloaded and used after a restart - platform independent on OS X, Windows and Linux.

autoupdate notification

The file and directory tools now have own menu items and configurable shortcuts.

freely configurable tools

When a pull, switch or checkout command fails because of local changes, they can be automatically stashed before retrying the command and reapplying the stashed changes.

You are welcome to give it a try!

Download the preview build